Slurp! Noodle Soup Nostalgia.

I do not know why I woke up this morning with a craving for soba noodle soup.

Perhaps it was the realization that I had two carrots chatting in the fridge, waiting to be heard.  Poor guys, I had completely forgotten about them from 2 weeks ago.  Perhaps it was the surprise delivery of Hon-dashi soup stock in the mail yesterday.  Thank you Mom!  Perhaps it was the whispered hint of, dare I say it, homesickness?

I don't think I'm homesick.
I'm just aware of the fact that this past week I unpacked the wool socks and pea coats, all the while knowing that my family and friends are still romping in the warm California sunshine. (A day later.)  What am I saying?!  Boston in the fall is beautiful!  I can't stop looking at the leaves.  Orange, gold, brick red, pink red, caramel.

Soba is the Japanese word for buckwheat noodles.
A Sunday tradition at my home.
Simple, delicious, and dripping with memories.
*Itadakimasu* Let's eat!
Soba on Foodista


Anonymous said...

that looks so yummy!
when are we going to skype?

ditha said...

Aw Rach, its okay, Cali ain't that warm anymore =)

alivaux said...

what a beautiful dish! i miss you!!

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