British Chef Takes On America's "Unhealthiest Town."

Last week The New York Times Magazine published its Food Issue .  I didn't have a chance to skim it until this afternoon, but I have to share this picture and story!
Featured cover story.   
Putting America's Diet on a Diet
Just finished the article.  Inspiring!  British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver (from The Naked Chef) seeks to change eating patterns in the town of Huntington, West Virginia.  Huntington is the home of the Hillbilly Hot Dogs, where they serve the famous 15-pounder (pictured on the left).  Jamie Oliver will convert the city community center into a kitchen, where he will teach basic cooking skills to adults and children.  He will also work to improve the quality of school lunches and eliminate junk food in school vending machines.  Yay, good luck!
Read the full article by Alex Witchel.  Published October 6, 2009.
picture by Mark Peterson, from the The York Times


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