Oops, A Dash in the 10k

I am forgetful.  I am absent-minded.  But today I really blew it.

It is a beautiful fall day in Boston, and I have a holiday from classes and rotations.  I decided to go on a long run and take my camera, something I have been hankering to do for a while.

Run run run.  *snapshot*  Run run run.
I was having a swell time.  Everyone in Cambridge seemed to be walking or running on Memorial Drive.  I suspected that people were enjoing the gorgeous weather and stocking up on Vitamin D.

Please visit my photoblog for a full glimpse of all my pictures.
Suddenly my serene jog was interrupted by a crowd of runners approaching from the distance.  Motocycles, polic cars, then a stampede coming staight for me.  What is going on?  I thought the Boston Half Marathon was on Saturday?

Of course.  I had no idea that today was the Tufts Health Plan 10k for Women.

My first thought: Yay, I have my camera!
My second thought: This is awkward.  Should I continue jogging against the crowd?  Should I stop and wait, pretending that I'm taking pictures for someone in the race?
My third thought: Woohoo!  Let's go.

So today I made a brief unplanned 2.0 mile dash in their 10k.  Then I turned off on Massachusetts Avenue.  I had forgotten that racing was such fun!

Go Runners, Go!  Thanks for letting me join you briefly!


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