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Joseph said...

hi rachel, i just watched this video ( about a potential health benefit of coffee. personally, i'd rather not get dependent on it, but do you think coffee might be good for you? thanks!

Rachel said...

thanks for the comment!
something is wrong with my internet tonight, so the wsj video you mentioned is not playing past 30 seconds. I'll view it fully tomorrow.
for now, here's a quick resource from the National Institutes of Health:
As Beck stated in the video, the health benefits of coffee for prostate cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's are a "qualified maybe." So I wouldn't recommend increasing coffee drinking habits at the present time.
I'll research further after I view the whole video! : )

Rachel said...

Thanks for the video, just watched it! To answer your question: Yes, I think coffee may have potential health benefits-I'm stressing the word "potential." (In particular, it seems that research is looking at its affect on insulin and blood sugar in relation to diabetes.) However more clinical trials are needed before people start changing their coffee drinking habits. It is hard to draw a clean line between an isolated food and overarching health benefits. But it will be exciting to see results from future research.

Utchima said...

Thanks so much for such a lovely evening:) Definite love ur place and u girls:) is my mango pie recipe:) Feel free to pass along!
Ingredients (for 3 pies)
1. 3 pre-made graham pie crust
2. 3 cups mango pulp
3. 3 cup cool whip
4. 1 package cream cheese
5. 15 Tbsp sugar
6. 3 bags gelatin (dissolved in 3 cups boiling water)

To make a pie :
1. Mix dissolved gelatin with mango pulp, cool whip, cream cheese, and sugar in a blender for 1 minute or until well combined
2. Pour over crust. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until set.
3. Top with cool whips. Refrigerate overnight.

And voila! So easy but so delicious!!!

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