Boston's First Snow, and Warm Curry!

Today is the first winter snow in Boston!
I will always remember this rainy afternoon.  My friend and I were enjoying a lovely chat at our new favorite coffeeshop, Athan's Bakery.  I almost choked between a sip of tea and a bite of fig cookie when my friend suddenly stated, "It's snowing."   Everyone in the coffeeshop turned to the front window.  Indeed, the rain had turned into visible white blobs.  Snow.

Good thing I had cooked up a hearty curry in the morning!  Yesterday I was ill with food poisoning.  The source remains a mystery.  However, the grim struggle with my intestinal tract from Saturday left me empty and crazed with hunger when I woke up this morning.  Potatoes, onions, carrots, chicken, and a fresh pot of rice!  It's time for something warm in my tummy: Japanese curry.


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