Gingersnaps from the Book Basket

Candied Ginger
It has been a while since I spilled the contents of my book basket, but I have to share my latest read.  It is delicious in more ways than one.
Have you heard of Amanda Hesser, American food writer and cookbook author?  Her memoir Cooking for Mr. Latte originally started as a column for The New York Times Magazine.  Later it turned into a skillfully fashioned chronicle of a food lover's courtship.  Best of all, Hesser's witty prose is mixed with accompanying recipes.

I think you will love it.  I reserved this book from the library and patiently waited for 23 days until its arrival.  After retrieval, I immediately stuck a post-it note on the inside cover for notes and scribbles.  By page 50 I had jotted down plenty of recipes to photocopy, including this new version of my favorite cookie.  They turned out quite well!
Mountain Honey Gingersnaps with Candied Ginger

What is your favorite cookie?
What are you reading now?
Cheers to a new week.

Restaurant Review: The Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast
Address: 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Tucked away in the heart of MIT-land, The Friendly Toast is the ultimate 1950's diner.
I recommend it with all my heart and stomach.
 Costa Rican 
Black beans and plum tomatoes under melted provolone, two sunny side eggs,
sour cream, potatoes and homemade oatmeal toast.
Pumpkin Pancakes
"Just like pumpkin pie, with Raisinettes inside and neat whipped cream on top."
I had the lucky opportunity to brunch at The Friendly Toast several weeks ago.  Plan for a healthy appetite and a little patience, because the portions are large but the wait can be long.  Prepare for a groovy atmosphere, complete with Buddy Holly tunes and a life-size vintage Barbie model.  Need I say more?  Next you will be ushered into the vibrant dining room, bursting with the cacophony of clinking glasses, scraping plates, boistrous laughing, and all the natural sounds of happy people chowing down.

Now to the food.  I've discovered that syrupy bites of pumpkin pancake dissolve easily when mixed with homemade whipped cream.  The experience only gets better when you unsuspectingly chew into a Raisinette. The Costa Rican eggs were equally scrumptious, offering a wholesome feast of savory black beans mixed with runny yolk, complimented with crunchy oatmeal toast.

Aren't the photos gorgeous?  A special thanks to Alan for his DSLR camera!

The toast was indeed friendly.

Hats Off to National Nutrition Month!

To celebrate, the Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Interns at Tufts Medical Center teamed up to present  "Myth Busters: Fact vs. Fiction of Carbs, Protein and Fats."
Renee, one of the intern coordinators, answers questions at the Carbohydrate Table.
Due to the hard work of the planning committee (applause to Renee, Nikita, and Nathalia!), the event featured a fabulous line-up including food displays, a Trader Joe's raffle, and Black Bean Brownie samplers.  
Myth Busters:
Our event featured an interactive "Nutrition Myth Busters" quiz, written by dietetic interns Nikita and Renee.  Here's a teaser of some questions.
1.     True or False?  Protein's main purpose is to build muscle.  False!  Protein has a myriad of functions, including building cells, repairing cells, supporting the immune system, providing lasting energy when consumed with carbs, maintaining muscle mass, and strengthening hair, nails, and skin.
2.    True or False?  Honey is more nutritious than other sugars.  False!  You would have to eat a minimum 1/4 cup of honey to get any other type of nutrient other than carbohydrate.
3.    True or False? Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.  False!  A high sugar diet does not cause diabetes.  The biggest risk factor for diabetes is being overweight.  However if someone is diagnosed with diabetes, sugar and carbohydrate intake does have to be kept in check to manage blood sugar levels.
4.    True or False?  The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend that Americans consume 20-30% of calories from fat.  True!
5.    True or False? All saturated fat is bad for you.  False!  One saturated fat, stearic acid, has been shown to have a neutral effect on LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, and can increase HDL (healthy) cholesterol a boost.  Stearic acid is abundant in beef and chocolate.
Black Bean Brownies
Never before has nutrition occupied such a large slice of public attention.  This month the American Dietetic Association's national slogan is "Eat Right with Color," a tribute to the health benefits of a varied diet.  Aim to color your plate with a rainbow of whole grains, lean proteins, healthful fats, fruits, and vegetables.  Enjoy the palette of nutrients found only within whole foods.

Hats off to wholesome eating and healthful living!
How are you celebrating National Nutrition Month?
I'm Blogging National Nutrition Month
Disclaimer. I am not a Registered Dietitian yet. I provide nutrition information intended for the general public, not for the treatment of a specific medical condition. I try to use scientific research and reliable sources when forming my opinions and messages.
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