A California Girl Concludes Her First New England Winter

Early morning run along the Charles.  Sunrise view of Boston.
This past weekend was simply sublime, marked by warm temperatures and the re-discovery of my forgotten flip-flops.  But spring was playing with our hearts, for Monday ushered in cold drizzles.  I'm donning a pea coat and gloves once again.
The End of Winter...
I moved to the Boston area July 2009, and it has been an adventure.  In January I wrote about the weather adjustment in my post, "A California Girl Comments on her First New England Winter."
Now a follow-up post is necessary, since this weekend's sunshine has left puddles, and the winter thawing has begun.  I've completed my first New England winter!  Here's some celebratory pictures from the weekend, and a few observations.
Sign #1: Pop Those Shades...or Sandals?
Any weather change will reflect first in the wardrobe.  I started seeing people wearing sunglasses in late February.  Nevermind the long coat, scarf, knit cap, and boots- we demand sunshine, and will take whatever we can get!  Perhaps more painful is the sight of an overeager girl with "premature sandal syndrome."  You've seen it too, right?  Brr.. cold feet!
Sign #2: Race Those Crew Boats
I know nothing about crew.  But the Charles River has thawed out, and the rowers are back!  Running along side them makes for a brisk pace. I try to race them to the Boston University bridge, but they win every time!
Look at this crowd!  Everyone was out running along the Charles this weekend.

Sign #3: Smile At Random Strangers on the Street!
After a long winter, the sun does strange wonders to the temperment.  It's lovely.  : )

Locals congregate on the Cambridge City Hall lawn to soak in the sun.
Picnic lunch!  
Are you enjoying spring weather yet?
Thanks for reading friends!


Dianna said...

hi Rachel! just wanted to leave a post telling you how excited i was to bump into your blog! I'm a cali girl myself (So. Cal) and moved to Boston in August 2009 to attend grad school at Harvard so it's awesome to find someone who has had a similar experience. LOVED your post about braving the New England winter. i've definitely asked more than my fair share of people on the T about where to get the warmest coats!

Rachel said...

Thanks Dianna! Congrats, winter is basically over! Let's hope this rain is short lived, and then we can enjoy a proper Boston spring!

Happy Little Bento said...

Nothing like a true winter to make you really appreciate Spring, I guess! Looks wonderful!

veganf said...

This is honestly the earliest spring I can remember. Often there is snowfall in March, and no buds on the trees until the first week of May. And the extreme rain and flooding is also quite abnormal for this area. Spooky weather!

Mollie said...

As a fellow bi-coaster I totally agree! I grew up near SF, went to school at BU, and now live in DC!

The funniest part about spring in boston is that you get girls wearing sundresses the first day it hits 50! That's a little pre-mature for me. Though I have to say, I wear sunglasses year-round. Just because it's cold doesn't mean I should have to squint!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I grew up in a cold climate and have lived in the Bay Area for almost 20 years. I sometimes miss a "real" winter (maybe just in theory?). Do you think you appreciate spring more now that you live in a cold climate? Beautiful photos. I used to be on the crew team in high school... Love the photo of the rowers... :)

MelindaRD said...

I am sure it was nice to get to see the snow, but it was a harsh winter this year. We get no snow over here, but there is a major rainy season. There is still some rain and it is not totally spring yet. We haven't even changed clocks yet.

Anonymous said...

The weather looks absolutely amazing! I am soaking up the 70's in Vegas right now. Before I know it, it will be in the 100's and I don't do well with it!
Have a great day!

Kasey said...

I'm so excited for spring! It has been an unusually cold winter in New Orleans. Towards the end of winter, I always am counting down the days until sunshine and sandals!

Rachel said...

thanks everyone for your weather updates and thoughts! love hearing from all of you, wherever you are!

Unknown said...

I had no clue this existed. Amazing updates ~ especially love the 2 pictures of the same place in different seasons.

Nicole, RD said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my recent weight post -- it was so sweet and I totally appreciate everyone's warmth -- it means SO much!

And the weather, YES! So enjoying it! I've seen some flip flop appearances and certainly the shades, too. If only it'd warm up enough for that picnic!

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

Yay for the end of winter! As a Miami girl, I didn't survive my first winter in Boston! I came home for winter break and didn't go back. Very sad, because it's such an awesome city! I'm excited about going back for FNCE in the fall though! :)

Anonymous said...

When winter turns into spring is the best!!!! It makes me so happy to see the sun and feel the warmth.
Spring is just teasing us right now though. Two days ago we could to out with out coats and still be warm and today it is cloudy and in the 30's. Booo!!!! I can not wait until it gets warm and stays that way.

Emily said...

also looking forward to spring! the weather has been on and off again here, but the park is definitely filling up with runners now that the weather is warmer. enjoy your weekend!

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