Cookware Winner and Library Love

Looking across the Charles River to Boston.  
The sailboats came out this weekend, so does that mean spring is here?
Giveaway Results
Thanks everyone for your entries!
From your comments, it looks like the yogurt maker won the popularity contest.  In addition, it seems that most of you would rather beat the eggs and bake a cake, than chop the veggies and stir the stew!
I'm also proud to congratulate the cookware giveaway winner, Alison Vaux-Bjerke!
She chose the Baguette Pans and Silicone baking mats.  Alison, please email me at with your address.  Thank you everyone for participating!

A Weekend Discovery
How was your weekend?  Mine was full of note-writing, computer screen-induced headaches, and pitiful do-it-yourself neck massages; I felt like I was holding my breath.  For class I'm working on a research proposal analyzing adolescent bariatric surgery, and I spent this weekend scouring PubMed for the background literature.  After turning in the first part this morning and then cramming for an afternoon midterm, I'm finally ready to exhale.
But some good came out of all that studying.  I ventured into MIT land!
The MIT Dome.  
Best of all, I discovered the MIT Hayden library!  Last week I went there for the first time to borrow a book, but I didn't linger to explore.  So on Saturday I sauntereed into the science and humanities library.  It didn't take long for me to become enthralled with the wall to ceiling windows and the plump armchairs tucked into sunny corners, just beckoning for a cozy afternoon immersed in a book.  Did I mention the free wireless and the pungent scent of "smartness" that clings to your clothes?  Oh yeah...I love libraries.  Next week I'm going to infiltrate Harvard.  Shh, don't tell.
  Soaking in the late afternoon sun with a crunchy snack.  
I didn't realize how much I missed the sunshine.
Where did you go this weekend?


Kasey said...

Beautiful pictures Rachel! That sounds like a library I would want to hang out in! Congrats to the winner :)

Emily said...

Sorry the weekend was so stressful, but I'm sure you rocked your research proposal. I've heard about adolescent bariatric surgery in the news'll have to share your findings!

I'm a library nerd, too! If I ever move out east, we'll have to explore together. :-)

Rachel said...

Thanks Kasey! Yes please Emily~I'm always looking for a library buddy.

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