Kabocha Dippers, Japanese Pumpkin-Part 3

On Sunday my original plan was to make simmered kabocha and aburage .  But as I started to chop the second pumpkin, I realized that my roommate's pot was not going to be big enough (we are currently a one-pot household).  So I decided to bake the rest.

My baking inspiration comes from the summer of 2007, when I lived in Japan for 3 months.  During my brief stay, my overstimulated tastebuds were going crazy with the variety of new kabocha dishes.  But among the kabocha salads and kabocha tempura, I will always remember my first lunch when I arrived in Japan. I was surprised with a baked kabocha.  Look, I even saved the picture!

(Notice the kabocha slice at the top.)

Two years later I tried to mimic this.  But I had a difficult time cutting the kabocha into even slices, since I was using my roommate's 8 inch knife (we are currently a one-knife household).

Baked Kabocha Dippers-
Cut kabocha in half and take out the seeds. 
Slice into uniform strips, the thinner the better. 
Bake for 10-15 minutes at 350, and flip the slices halfway.  
When kabocha is tender, remove from oven and eat. 
It's sweet and starchy by itself, or dip in soy sauce for a salty zing!

Just Hungry's blog has a sweeter version too!  Sweet and Spicy Roasted Kabocha Squash.
This ends my 3-post ode to kabocha.  I hope you enjoyed my stories, learned something new, or gathered inspiration to eat this sweet green and orange pumpkin.  Happy Kabocha!


Emily said...

So neat that you lived in Japan! I've never tried kabocha, but it seems everyone in the blogworld is eating this stuff. Do you have to buy it at a special store?

dit said...

i love kabocha! I am excited to try this.

Rachel said...

Great! Let me know how yours turns out!

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