by David Chang and Peter Meehan
published 2009
If I had the big bucks, I would book a flight to New York City.
Or I would endure the 4 hour Bolt-bus ride and go to 1st avenue and East 10th Street.
Then I would step inside Noodle Bar and order the Momofuku ramen.

Instead, I'm browsing in the Borders bookstore on Boylston Street, Boston.  And for the last 20 minutes I've planted myslef in front of the "Season's Eating" display, monopolizing the new hardback cookbooks.  I'm stuck on Momofuku.  Momofuku is the memoirs of chef David Chang.  It is also the story of Noodle Bar, Ssam Bar, and Ko-his three NYC restaurants.  Momofuku is also a cookbook and coffeetable picture book.  Momofuku, a flashy read.  But the recipes look challenging.
Pork Buns, from Ssam Bar.


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