Lesson 8: Iron Out the Wrinkles

"Oh dear," I thought, as I tugged my white lab coat from the laundry.  "It's been quite some time since my last hospital rotations.  My coat is wrinkled, my notes are crumpled, and my clinical common sense is no where to be found."  After four months away from the hospital, January marks my return to the pediatric floors.  With mixed trepidation and excitement, I washed my white coat and smoothed out the creases.  Time to re-entered the world of TPN recs and tube feed calculations.

After two weeks I'm grateful to report that I'm loving the peds floors.  Hats off to a fabulous preceptor, a gracious medical team, and the endearing kiddos!  However I'm still having trouble ironing out the wrinkles of my memory.  It's alarming how quickly I've forgotten the minutia of medications and formulas.  But I take heart.  I remind myself that this journey ends at competency, not perfection.
Boston State House on the Commons
Clinical Nutrition Resources for Pediatrics
These resources have proved useful thus far.
I would love to hear your opinions and exchange resources please!
  • Pediatric Nutrition Reference Guide, 9th Edition, Texas Children's Hospital
  • ADA Pediatric Manuel of Clinical Dietetics
  • Nestle Nutrition, Pediatric Nutrition Helpful Hints (fold-out)
With yet another snow storm this weekend and temps below zero, Boston's forecast looks grim.  This month my Sorel snow boots have quickly become my most valuable investment!

Any nutrition and pediatrics references to recommend?
Are you staying toasty and dry this weekend?


Emily said...

Peds..my favorite! How exciting! :)

I use all of those references, actually. The best is the little pink book (Texas Children's). It is pretty much the "Bible" of clinical nutrition for peds. I also love the fold out reference for quick use.

MelindaRD said...

Hold, please...heading to check my office for resources...

Nope, you have the same ones I do :)

I do have the information/homework practice I was given when I started at my job and was going to be covering peds. If you are interested, I can scan and email, but I need to officially state that I give credit to the dietitian who created the materials.

I am staying dry this weekend, as long as it does not rain. It tends to rain a lot, so I am happy to report it is not raining at this time.

Enjoy your weekend.

MelindaRD said...

I just saw Emily said the pink book, which is also one I have and it is awesome. I want to say our Internship director bought us all one.

Rachel said...

thanks guys for the peds advice. yes, that pink book is the best!

Meredith (Pursuing Balance: Diary of a Dietetic Intern) said...

thanks for the references! my peds rotation isn't until March -- it'll definitely be a big change from the typical patients I see at the VA!

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