A California Girl Comments on Her First New England Winter.

I started my morning by googling "how to run in the snow."  There's a first time for everything, right?   I'm happy to report that my first snow run was quite successful, with only one slip but no dampened spirits.

Six months ago I moved from California to Boston, Massachusetts to start a dietetic internship and nutrition graduate school.  The weather change has been an adventure, and here's a few tips I'd like to share.
Tip #1: Copy the Locals.
It's ok to stalk people on the subway.  This is especially true if you admire any aspect of their winter wardrobe, and want to ask them where they puchased it.
Speaking of winter wardrobes....
Tip #2:The Perfect Winter Wardrobe is an elusive mystery.  It requires lots of time and money.  
October:  On the phone.  "Hi Mom.  I got a wool pea coat at Old Navy.  This is fine for winter, right?"
November: "Hey mom.  Today I bought a water resistent slicker and long johns, so I'm set for winter."
late November: "Mom, I'm on a first name basis with the sales clerk at the Macy's coat department!  She hooked me up with a long puffy down jacket.  I think I'm finally ready now."
December: "Earmuffs. ASAP!"
late December:  "Mom, all I want for Christmas is winter running gear."
January: Scrambling for winter snow boots.
February:  Prediction: I'm broke!
Tip #3: Baking!  An easy solution when your heater breaks.
A cup of tea, oatmeal, steamed sweet potatoes straight from the pot, and pipin' hot miso soup are other easy ways to warm up from the inside out.
Tip #4: Remember, there are no dumb questions!
"So, what's windchill?"
But prepare yourself.  Some questions have no answers, and should be left unspoken.
"Excuse me.  Why are people still buying Dunkin Donuts iced coffee when it's 21 degress outside?"

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes are NOT one of my favorite things.  However, I am enjoying this white winter so far!

What do you eat to stay warm in the winter?
Any wardrobe tips for a New England newbie?


Anonymous said...

it's all about the layers. :)
and thermals.
and long johns.
and beanies.

keep your ears warm and you'll be invincible -


Anonymous said...

actually on second thought.
the best wardrobe for new england weather is
..a house.

Rachel said...

awesome!! hahaha..

Unknown said...

looove this one rach!! makes me so jealous of you :( guess I'll have to come out to visit you now! :D

Rachel said...

yes please! Ash, my sleeper sofa is still available!

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