My Sweet Romance

Sticky, lumpy, creamy, milky.  And sweet, oh so sweet.  What could it be, but rice pudding!

Today I had a sumptuous adventure in New York City.  (Rotations ended on Friday and spring semester classes don't start until next Thursday, so I jumped on a bus into the city!)  This afternoon I walked in the drizzle to the heart of SoHo in search of Rice to Riches, a rice pudding haven recommended by two of my fellow Tufts dietetic interns.  What an adorable place it was!  Even as I type this out, I'm tempted for a second taste tomorrow...Oh dear, I'm head over heels.
Rice to Riches
Old-Fashioned-Romace Traditional flavor with Toasted Coconut Topping.

What are your thoughts on rice pudding?  Any new sweet adventures in your life?  


Anonymous said...

WOW that place sounds so cool! is it like froyo but w. rice pudding? i love rice pudding!

Rachel said...

yup, like froyo they have mulitple flavors and a variety of toppings!

Anonymous said...

I've only had rice pudding once (a long time ago) and I don't remember liking it. But then again, my palate has certainly changed! Maybe I should try it again

Mo said...

Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I can't wait to dive into your's more - it's beautiful. Oh, and good luck on your internship. It feels like yesterday that I was doing that, and it's been 13 years!

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