No Impact Man

"A guilty New York liberal decides to practice what he preaches for one year; turns off the electricity; stops making garbage; gives up TV, taxis and takeout; and becomes a walking, biking, composting, tree-hugging, polar bear saving, local food-eating citizen; all while taking his baby daughter and caffeine loving retail-obsessed, television-addicted wife along with him." No Impact Man, the film
*Phew* That is the longest sentence ever! I saw this documentary last semester at school.  Basically, this film is about one man who eats locally and decreases his trash output for one year in an effort to eliminate his personal impact on the environment. By the way, it all takes place in Manhattan. Introducing Colin Beavan-The No Impact Man.

film by Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein.
Check out No Impact Man's official blog or book.
Colin's 6 Guidelines for a No Impact life:
  1. Save the World by improving your diet
  2. Get your drinking water for FREE
  3. Observe an eco-sabbath
  4. Tithe a fixed percentage of your income
  5. Get there under your own steam
  6. Commit to eco-service
Have you seen it? What do you think?


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