A Caribbean Brunch: Codfish and Potatoes

This weekend I tested a Haitian recipe for my friend and classmate, Amy of Earthbound Kitchen.  She is writing a cookbook as part of her master's thesis for reVision Urban Farm, and when she hollered for recipe testers, I gave a shout!  This recipe turned out to be an excellent adventure, since I have never cooked cod before.  And I'm always looking for an excuse to break out the wine glasses and sip some Pinot Grigio.
The recipe is still under construction, so unfortunately I cannot share the whole story just yet.   However the codfish and potatoes served as a perfect weekend brunch.  The suggested avocado and boiled eggs were an unusual side dish, but very complimentary!  
Have you ever stopped to consider how beautiful red onions are?  Gorgeous.
Wining and dining on a Sunday morning?  
Yup, we got fancy!
Now that I've shared my weekend concoction, did you eat anything new this weekend?
Happy Monday!  


MelindaRD said...

Looks great! Cod is one of those things that needs to be cooked just right or else it turns into rubber. That is probably the most popular fish here on the island. In Portuguese it is called bacalau. I eat it often over here.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dish! It looks absolutely delish and I'm sure that pinot grigio complimented it perfectly!

Emily said...

Your Caribbean brunch looks delicious. It's so neat that your friend is writing a cookbook as part of her thesis. I will have to be on the lookout for her publication. :-)

Kasey said...

Wow, that dish looks great; you always have the best food presentation! I tried broiled scallops for the first time this weekend and it was pretty delicious.

ann low said...

Looks great! I love Cod and already bookmarked it.

Anonymous said...

This dish looks delish! I love how you plated it too..looks so pretty!
I have actually never had cod. I am not a huge seafood fan but will try anything once.

Rachel said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

girl your food alway slook AMAZING!! got me wanting to go on a cruise somehwere!! hehe :)

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Totally not a dish I would construct from the recesses of my own brain for brunch, but it really looks like great brunch fare! Glisteningly fresh red onions are indeed very pretty, but they make me cry like normal onions and thus have somewhat of an anti-pretty effect on me :)

eatingRD said...

That looks really fresh! wow writing a cookbook for her thesis? I need to get on that :) Have a nice weekend!

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