Les Frites

I am thankful to report a safe arrival in Brussels, Belgium!  After settling into the small room that I now call home, I spent the rest of the weekend greeting the city and getting lost on the subway.  While traipsing through the downtown marketplace, I indulged in the touristy street-side vendor selling frites.  Unfortunately I neglected to get the mayonnaise sauce, for which frites are simply incomplete.  I'll have to go again!
(Above) Place Royale
(Below) Dinner at home-I have no kitchen! 
I was anxious to try the white asparagus which is in season here.
Today was my first day at the European Union Food Information Council (EUFIC), where I will be interning this summer.  EUFIC is a non-profit organization which provides science-based information on food safety and nutrition to media, health professionals, and educators.  I will be a Science Communications intern, and I anticipate lots of research interpretation and writing.

Cheers to les frites!


alivaux said...

Way to go Rachel!!!!! So excited for you! I heart white asparagus AND prosciutto AND bread and cheese. mmmm

Nikita said...

I got so excited when I saw your post!! Looks like you're settling in. Miss you :)

Emily said...

Glad you arrived safely! Can't wait to hear all about your exciting work there. :)

Bryan Lian said...

You have to go to Rouge Tomate! The original restaurant is in Brussels and I interned at the NYC location. I feel like the concept will certainly catch your eye (and plenty of photo opps!). Also good call on the frites; sounds like great fun!

Angela Damron said...

So happy to hear you are all settled....can't wait to read about all of your adventures!!! : )

Rachel said...

Thanks everyone! Bryan, thanks for the restaurant tip, will check it out : )

MelindaRD said...

So glad you made it there safely. You will have the best time. I am glad you got in touch with AODA and I hope that prove helpful and useful. Actually, I think I was sent an email the other day and just didn't put two and two together than the Rachel they were talking about was you. I think it was an email sent to you, but a bunch of us were cc'd on this. Enjoy!

Bill said...

Those fries look really tasty to bad if I ate them I can the worse tummy ache.

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