Canal Tour of Brugge

 Brugge, a small town tucked in the northwest corner of Belgium, stands unravaged by time.  Cobblestones line the streets of this Medieval Gothic city, and horse-drawn carriages clatter beside the automobiles. However the most charming view of Brugge is captured aboard a small boat, drifting along the canals, pondering bygone days of chivalry.
My first week of work at the European Food Information Council has gone well.  Briefly, I've been working on a project called Food 4U, a competition where adolescents can express their view on food and nutrition through short videos of their own creation.  Funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies, the competition is open to all teenagers from all 26 nations of the European Union, plus the Netherlands.  I think using multimedia (especially videos) is a relevant way to engage adolescents in the food-health conversation.

Au revoir!


Emily said...

Brugge looks like it has so much character!
The project you're working on sounds really neat, Rachel. It's really neat that teens can spread awareness; I think that makes them really examine the issues more closely. They should do something like that here!

Rachel said...

I agree! Some of the videos are really creative, and such the teens really get into it. thanks Emily

Bryan Lian said...

I love this idea! Do you think something similar could be done at Children's Hospital in Boston?

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