Gingersnaps from the Book Basket

Candied Ginger
It has been a while since I spilled the contents of my book basket, but I have to share my latest read.  It is delicious in more ways than one.
Have you heard of Amanda Hesser, American food writer and cookbook author?  Her memoir Cooking for Mr. Latte originally started as a column for The New York Times Magazine.  Later it turned into a skillfully fashioned chronicle of a food lover's courtship.  Best of all, Hesser's witty prose is mixed with accompanying recipes.

I think you will love it.  I reserved this book from the library and patiently waited for 23 days until its arrival.  After retrieval, I immediately stuck a post-it note on the inside cover for notes and scribbles.  By page 50 I had jotted down plenty of recipes to photocopy, including this new version of my favorite cookie.  They turned out quite well!
Mountain Honey Gingersnaps with Candied Ginger

What is your favorite cookie?
What are you reading now?
Cheers to a new week.


Emily said...

Your gingersnaps look delicious! And I just finished Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma. My fave cookie is the classic chocolate chip. :)

MelindaRD said...

I love ginger. It grows in the wild here and we pick it. Oddly, last time I was home I went to eat what I thought was crystallized ginger in a dish in my mom's kitchen only to discover it was potpourri. Good thing I made a comment before sticking it in my mouth. Who in the heck puts that in a candy dish looking thing in a kitchen. Turns out it is all over her house. Even more confusing was the actual crystalized ginger in her fridge. As a result I brought gingersnaps back to the island.

I love any cookie with chocolate, but my fave is a PB cookie with a Hershey kiss on top.

Utchima said...

NOw I have to hunt for this book and put the post-it on each recipe too:)

Bryan Lian said...

You have to try the big BIDMC cookie; it is sensational.

Rachel said...

ah thanks everyone!
@Bryan, will have to hunt down that gingersnap at the BI! thanks!

Meredith (Pursuing Balance: Diary of a Dietetic Intern) said...

oh that does look like a cute book! i will put it on my library list!

pak tani said...

i'm like this nyam nyam nyam

Kasey said...

Honey gingersnaps with candied ginger?! Yes, please!!! Sounds delicious. The book looks like a great read.

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