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I have three ways to confirm winter's chilly arrival: my lips begin to chap, I no longer need to referigerate my fruit, and I start wearing a pair of gloves to bed.  Oh, and one more thing.  On these frigid New England mornings, I find it impossible to jubilantly spring out the door for an early jog.  Brrr.  I don't own a gym membership, but fortunately there are other ways to keep my blood pumping and muscles working from within the comforts of home.
No matter what temperature your thermostat registers, check out this giveaway to get your winter exercise groove on!
First Place: Women's Home Workout Bible
The first place prize for my giveaway will be this handy dandy workout book, Women's Home Workout Bible published in 2010.  Glossy pictures demonstrate step by step strength training and resistance training exercise moves utilizing body weight, exercise bands, exercise balls and free weights.  The book also offers tips for equipment purchase and plenty of weekly workout plans.
Second Place: 2011 Edition Calorie King. 
I received several copies of this new 2011 edition at FNCE (my first time attending!), so I want to share one book with the second place winner.   Calorie King-Calorie, Fat, and Carbohydrate Counter is a book that lists nutrient info for various foods, beverages, snacks, and even restaurants.  Small and compact, it easily fits into a purse or desk drawer, perfect for speedy page-flipping for quick reference.
To enter:
  1. Leave a comment on this post.   Please share what you do for exercise, or a physical activity that you enjoy!
  2. Tweet this post for second entries.  Can use this shortened link: 
Open to U.S. residents only.  Deadline to enter is Tuesday November 16th by 12noon EST.  I'll pick two winners through and announce the lucky people next week.
This giveaway is now closed.


Ang3 said...


I love to play netball:)
At least there is a target to achieve, rather than just running on threadmill endlessly, that's a TORTURE to me..hehe.

alivaux said...

how fun! I teach Pilates as a PE class at GW in order to make myself exercise :) And I'm going to tweet your post, too!! Hope to see you in May when I come to Boston for the exergame research conference!

MelindaRD said...

I go to the gym 5 days a week and I always do 45 minutes of cardio followed by arms/legs depending on the day. I always carry my gym clothes with me in the car so I have no excuse not to go.

Amanda Sauceda said...

what a great book! I try to run with my dog because he's such a good running partner, endless energy!

hannah said...

Love the post. I like playing football and soccer for excerise. Also running and doing core workouts/weights at the gym.

sasseestar said...

Love this idea! I run outside, inside...wherever the temperature is most pleasant you will find me there. I also love any sort of Les Mills training such as body pump or body combat with MMA...and as scared as I may be I might even try crossfit...enough of my friends are trying to get me into it, I may become fair game :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite exercise is playing sports and Zumba!! I love zumba sooo much (you do need a gym or dance membership though). I'm jealous, I wanted to go to FNCE, I went last yr it was so fun and you get so much free stuff!

aptitudefit said...
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Unknown said...

The Bible of Healthy Home Workouts for Men and Women:Read More..

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