So Long Summer

Sunnny summer reading in Harvard Yard.  
I didn't realize how long it has been since I last blogged; I notice that my furlough has been marked by a change of seasons.  It's time to say goodbye to frothy smoothies, chilly treats, and frozen yogurt (fortunately I had a farewell dose of Pinkberry on a recent California visit).
But I accept the simple facts: Pumpkins have replaced watermelons, and a fresh army of squeaky leather boots have been stationed in every department store window.   Here in Boston we've entered into the brief months between air conditioning and constant heating, where the electicity bill is delightfully low.  Why hello Autumn, I see you've arrived.
I'm going to keep these summer salads, which have become a lunchtime fetish.  But I also expect my pantry to provide a warm welcome to the newcomers, those sturdy but stubburn squashes, the winsome sweet potatoes, and trustworthy apples (I'll be crunching on these until April!).  Of course I'm eager for a Japanese pumpkin reunion as well!
Thankfully my seasonal concoctions can be executed with style.  
I have a new apron, made with love from someone special.
This fall I'm determined to bake bread; the crustier the better.
What are your fall cooking resolutions?  
What hearty foods are you hankering for?
Goodbye summer,


Anonymous said...

The seasons are finally beginning to change here, too (although, you know California -- it could change it's mind at any second and go back to being 90 degrees).

I was hoping to make a nice loaf of crusty bread too! It would go great with a fall-flavored soup; Roasted butternut squash and pear soup is one of my favs.

MelindaRD said...

I would love to have a pinkberry right now. Yummo! That is one thing I really miss from the States. I will be in Boston soon for FNCE and I am very excited. I hope the weather is nice when I get there.

Emily said...

i've missed your blog posts, rachel! your new apron is adorable, as well!

i have 3 applications out in the new england area and am really hoping i get one of them! :-) it would be fun to be neighbors.

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