Weekend Pizza Crumbs. And Giveaway!

Goodmorning!  Let's start this week with a $40 gift certificate giveaway.  Thank you CSN Cookware!  CSN is currently featuring a variety of dinnerware sets, however their website offers a plethora of culinary treats for whatever strikes your fancy.  (My wish lish includes a measuring scale, popsicle molds, and a yogurt maker!)  Keep reading for giveaway details.
Last week I ceded my oven strike to a delicious Sausage Squash Pizza.  Slap down that easy Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza dough, and top with tomato paste, onion, chicken apple sausage, sliced tomato, and fresh CSA summer squash.  Garnish with grated mozarella.
That homemade pizza aroused a craving.  So this weekend I ventured arm in arm with fellow dietetic intern and friend Renee into Boston's South End. We set out for a charming placed called PICCO, Pizza and Ice Cream Company.  Oh yum.  Renee and I were easily romanced by the corn soup and herb ravioli starters, leaving us completely vulnerable for the undeniably delicious carmelized onion and eggplant pizza.
By the time we tasted the Coconut Chip Ice Cream, our defenseless hearts were taken.  
Here's the sad news: this weekend my roommate left for India for a three week visit with family.  I miss her already.  But there's nothing like frozen yogurt for a proper goodbye sendoff.  
Berryline.  Harvard Square, Cambridge 
Kitchen Splurge Giveaway!  
With all the heat and mess they put up with, I think it's time to pamper your kitchen.  How about a $40 gift certificate to CSN Cookware for starters?
To enter, leave a comment on this post.   Please tell me about your weekend crumbs, or share your kitchen's wishlist.
Of course, second entries for tweeting.
Deadline: Thursday August 19th, 12noon EST.  
This giveaway is now closed.
Happy Monday!


DG said...

This weekend I had the best raspberry tart - it was just perfect and what I needed after a long work week. love csn their pie dishes are cute!


Dianna said...

this weekend was full of good eats! it jumpstarted with my mom's birthday dinner at a french bistro. the gnocchi with wild mushrooms was absolutely scrumptious as was the mont blanc cake we got her. the good eats then ended tonight with a huge bag of blue corn chips and whole foods guac.

p.s. i LOVE berryline and miss it very much since moving out of Boston!

Eunice @ food4fit said...

This weekend I made a huge batch of chili and used it to make some chili nachos. Perfect football food!

MelindaRD said...

This weekend my husband made some cookies (which I have mostly avoided) and pasta for dinner last night, and I made an Israeli salad, plus we enjoyed our home brewed beer.

Suburban prep said...

I love All-Clad and I see that they have a set of two bakers that I would love for my kitchen.

Angela said...

This weekend I experimented with quinoa for the first time... will definitely be trying it again! =)

SolDucky said...

Ooh, that pizza looks so yummy!
This weekend was kind of crazy, but I did have some food prepared by a friend that was really homey and good. Beef stroganoff, and some kind of corn dish that had cheese in it. I never thought of combining the two, but it worked and was great!

Anna said...

I made a salad version of tacos this weekend that turned out fabulously. I used multiple types of beans instead of using ground meat of any kind, and with all the appropriate seasonings, it didn't taste any different.... plus, using greek yogurt in place of sour cream works like a charm :)

Emily said...

Your pizza looks delicious! Frozen yogurt is a great way to cool off on a hot day, too. :-)
Hope the internship is going well!

My sister and brother are coming back home this week, so I'm excited to see them!

Kasey said...

I had my favorite sushi roll this past weekend- Lemon Zest Rolls with Salmon!!! I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Unknown said...

This weekend we ate great! My husband grilled hobos ... a camp favorite from his childhood. CSA carrots, onions, potatoes, zucchini, corn, and ground beef ... all wrapped together in foil pouches and grilled to perfection! Delicious! :)

Jasmine1485 said...

I ate pretty simply this weekend, I was sick for most of it with bronchitis, but I'm much better now! :) I made some lemon biscuits last night, I wanted a chance to try out my new cookie cutters (in star, heart, people, butterfly and circle shapes). I'd love to get some more shapes, and a piping bag, and a stand mixer, and a hand mixer, and and and..!

hypothermya said...

That pizza looks deliriously good! :)

The highlight of last weekend's eating experience for me was dining at a restaurant called Oswald's. (http://www.oswaldrestaurant.com/) One of their specials was the skate fish, which I'd never tasted before and simply had to try. It was delicious, and had a really unique texture and flavor. However, the real stars of the meal were the drink (a raspberry, basil, and bourbon concoction) and the soup (a sweet corn soup with creme fraiche). It's amazing how delicious fresh, sweet corn can be, without any sort of spices/herbs/etc. to help it on. :)

My kitchen wishlist is pretty simple at this point, but no less pricey for the simplicity:

*A LeCrueset dutch oven
*A vegetable carving set
*Stainless steel measuring cups and spoons

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