Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.  I picked a winner through, and am pleased to announce Emily from The Health Nut as the winner!  Congrats Emily.  Please email me for the gift card promo.
Other news.  Vintage fun from Sowa Open Market.  Went with a friend last Sunday.
If you're in Boston's South End, make sure to stroll by!
Remember that insatiable pizza craving I mentioned on Monday?  Yup, it's still here.  My family is visiting Boston, and we went to a new restaurant near Tufts Medical.  Why hello again pizza!
Thank goodness it's Friday!  Today is my last day on the ICU units.  
These past three weeks my motto has been "One breath at a time."  Even still, I'm sad to leave.
Your plans for the weekend?


MelindaRD said...

Laid back weekend for me. My sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit me on the island next week so all the fun is being saved for then. I think I actually have a lot of work to get through this weekend, including finishing my paper on health literacy and health outcomes. Have a good weekend.

Emily said...

Hooray! I rarely win anything, so this is exciting. :-)I think you know my email is

I'd love to visit Sowa and peruse vintage wares with you!

Have a great weekend with your family. My brother and sister are also home, so it's really nice to spend time with them.

Angela said...

Hey Rach! Hope you're enjoying the family visiting! We are looking forward to you coming back to visit soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, dang, I missed the giveaway! I got excited when I saw the word "Emily," but alas, it wasn't me :P ...Next time, right? ;)

BTW that pizza looks absolutely amazing... what is the third seasoning in the bowl? Oregano?

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