The Secret Garden of Cambridge

Unlike Burnett's classic children's tale, Mount Auburn Cemetary is not literally hidden behind a locked ivy-covered door.  Nope, this National Historic Landmark sits beside the Charles River just a few minutes west of Harvard.
My friend was the first to discover its beauties, and several weeks ago she took me for a visit.  We enjoyed strolling the solitary paths, hiding underneath the weeping birches, and quietly treading among the resting places of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Isabella Stewart Gardner.  For those few hours, we completely forgot we were in Cambridge.

What a view of Boston!
The inside of this magnolia flower looks like a pineapple!  
Resembling a garden more than a graveyard, Mount Auburn Cemetary is one of the best kept secrets of Cambridge.  I want to proclaim its excellencies from the rooftops, or rather, from this blog into the echoes of cyberspace.  So call me if you're ever in the area; we will unlock the door, push back the ivy, and step into a green garden paradise.
Hope you have a great Friday!
(Here in Boston, our hearts are still healing from last night's game. Go Celtics!)


tinyskillet said...

Very pretty photos! Thanks for sharing! That's a great picture of the magnolia!

Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro said...

Wow, what a great hidden jewel! And that magnolia is just beautiful. :)


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures ... you're such a good photographer! I can't wait until our next adventure! :)

Emily said...

I loved the Secret Garden movie and book when I was younger! I think it's also so refreshing to discover new places that you never knew existed within your own backyard. :-) Hope your clinical rotations are going well! I remember how stressful they were, but I'm sure you're doing an excellent job.

Margot said...

What a beautiful place... magnolia shot is amazing :)

Kara said...

so pretty! i had no idea. im so close to there, i really should check it out!

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