B is for Buttercream

I have a traffic jam of blog posts in my head, but no time to clear the debris!  It's four weeks until spring finals, and classes are going crazy.  So I will be scattering fewer coconut crumbs until the school madness subsides.  Advance apologies!
But for this week I'm taking the easy way out: quick picture post from the weekend!  
For the past few weeks I have had the mysterious urge to make frosting.  Yes, buttercream frosting.  Why this strange desire?  Perhaps it was the description of luscious desserts in my recent read of David Lebovitz's The Sweet Life of Paris.  (Highly recommended!) 
This Easter weekend I finally had the excuse to make cupcakes for our church dinner.  I felt a little childish carrying my box of treats on the subway (yup...ingeniously transported via super spiffy empty filing folder box!).  But the homemade buttercream frosting was so fun to make!  

B is for Buttercream...AND Bicep workout!
 I don't own an electric mixer or beater.  I realized this predicament about 2-mintues into my baking adventure.  However I decided to forge ahead with my roomate's trusty whisk and the strength of my own two...biceps.  Arms pumping, frosting flying-I was a frenzied mess by the time I finished.  But it worked! 
Tasty Info..Take Your Pick! 
Folks, perhaps I'm feeling a little guilty for not providing any health or nutrition information on this post. On the contrary, I'm promoting lots of yummy saturated fat! (Haha, although I did make them in bite-sized portions.)  So to make up, let me share six new reads and resources.
Cocktails for Carnivores: Drinks Infused with Meat. By Joel Stein from Time Magazine.  I almost missed my stop on the subway cause of this one...very intriguing.
New Studies Eat Into Diet Myth.  It may not be as simple as 3,500 kcal per pound.  By Carl Bailik from The Wall Street Journal.  
Peace, Love, and Food.  I just discovered this blog by dietetic intern Kara Lydon.  Though we've met in person briefly, we connected this week on the blogosphere!
Home Farming, new website discovery! Kraft Tiscuit has partnered with Urban Farming to offer this interactive resource for beginners and seasoned gardeners.  I hear Triscuit is also offering seeds in their cracker boxes?
First Camera, Then Fork.  Article about the growing number of online photographic food diaries, by Kate Murphy of The New York Times
Have you had any sugary cravings recently?
What's been baking in your oven?
Happy Spring!


Kasey said...

Yum! For some reason, I have had a major sweet tooth lately. Maybe it was all the Easter candy lying around :)

Lia Chen said...

Love this pastel butter cream frosting! Such a sweet baking :)

Amy L said...

Your cupcakes look irresistible. Love the spring pastels. Am reading Lebovitz's book also. It is delightful, thanks for the tip. This week we are enjoying radishes, green onions, baby lettuce, and lots of snow and snap peas from our garden. Fava beans soon and potatos in about a month.

Kati said...

I LOVE sweet things! And your cupcakes look super yummy! Great post.


Sybil Hebert, RD said...

Thanks for the mention, Rachel!
Those cupcakes look yummy, btw!! :)

alivaux said...

Those look great!! I usually cut the side of a cereal box 3/4 around and then use that as a box with top for safe storage of cupcakes (since I didn't get the spiffy cupcake transporter for my wedding...) Oh and I made some great baguettes with the pans!! Haven't had time to put any pictures up of anything for the past month, but I have one for you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for links!
Those cupcakes look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cupcakes!!! I love the colors- so pretty!

Emily said...

Love the adorable and appropriate festive cupcakes! I bet they tasted delish, too. :-)

Today I'm baking carrot spinach muffins for my 1st grade lesson plan on Monday morning!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Oh thank you! I just finished my lunch and was hankering for something sweet to finish it off, and just looking at all this buttercream has actually hit the spot. Nice one :D

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

How pretty! I baked some AMAZING cookies yesterday: chocolate & pb thumbprints! They are so fudgey and amazing! Recipe on my blog b/c it wouldn't be fair if I kept it to myself!

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