Lingering in 2009.

definition: conscious of benefit received, expressive of gratitude.
Reflecting back to January 2009, I realize that I have received much this past year.  The completion of my college education and the start of a dietetic internship, moving from California to Boston and re-starting life, renewed freindships and new chums, pleasant circumstances bringing much joy, and harder times bringing the best lessons.  How easy it is for me to fall into an attitude of entitlement, always pressing forward with an ambitious eye for the next step or the next opportunity.  But now I want to linger in thankfulness.  
Favorite memories from 2009.

January.  Bloomingdale's!  (Visiting dietetic internships in Boston with my mom.)

March. Birthday in Napa with UCDavis friends.  Thank you Sunshine Girls!

April.  Nutrition Bowl, UCDavis second place!  Proud to be a nutrition nerd : )

June.  Graduation dinner with Grace Alive-college fellowship group!

June.  University of California Davis, B.S. Clinical Nutrition

July.  Moved to Boston for an early summer class.  My summer adventures began in Copley Square.

August.  Back briefly in California for my friend's wedding.

August.  Sweet snack with my sweet friend in Berkeley, California.

September.  Back in Boston for the official start of Tufts dietetic internship and graduate school!  Some of the Tufts dietetic internship girls met for wine and cheese!

September.  New York City is only a Bolt bus-ride away!
October.  Nashoba Valley Winery.  Apple picking with Tufts dietetic interns.

October.  Yum = our housewarming potluck party.

November.  Running in Maine with friends from Tufts graduate school.

December. Christmas with family in California.
When you look back, what adjective describes your 2009?
It's been a great year!  I started the blog in July 2009, and I've learned so much.  Thanks for reading
Happy New Years!


Lia Chen said...

Happy New Year Rachel!! Wish you all the happiness, success, and health for you and family :)

Rachel said...

thanks Lia!

Emily said...

Looks like you made some great memories in 2009 and are enjoying Boston and the dietetic internship. What are your thoughts on the social atmosphere in Boston versus Cali (friendliness, etc). Looking forward to reading more of your blog!
Happy 2010!

Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

Looks like you had a great year!

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