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Nutritively Sweetened Beverages.

This morning in my nutrition biochemistry class I heard about the new NSB advertisement campaign in New York City.  Apparently the NYC Department of Public Health spent $277,000 to develop this ad as part of a  campaign to decrease consumption of sweetened beverages.  The graphic ad will run in 1,500 subways for a period of 3 months.  I am eager to see what the results will be.

The New York Times Article


lotsofglue said...

I do not understand the choice of seltzer.
Homemade ice tea. I use a half cup of sugar per gallon of homemade ice tea. I even make green tea by the gallon sweetened with honey.
I hope it works, my weight stabilized and acid reflux vanished when I stopped drinking ANY carbonated beverage.

Rachel said...

hello, thanks for the comment!
I think the setlzer is a zero-calorie replacement for people who still want a carbonated beverage. mmm, I love homemade ice tea too! Although I usually put less sugar in mine. I have never had green tea with honey, but next time i'll try it.

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

i was going to do a post about this last week-aren't the ads disgusting??? I just think its such a waste to drink your calories! I just love solid food too much!

your blogs adorable!

Miss Raski said...

How about diet coke plus?? :)

Rachel said...

Diet coke (including diet coke plus, I believe) is sweetened with aspartame. There is also diet coke with splenda. Both aspartame and splenda are sugar-replacement sweeteners that contribute few or zero calories. Thus diet coke will not "pour on the pounds." However in my dentistry rotation this morning I learned that diet coke (in addition to coffee, tea, and wine) contributes to teeth staining and discoloring. yikes!

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