New "Sunny" Sweetener

Sun Crystals
All Natural Sweetener

Yesterday in Nutrition Biochemistry class my friend gave me a sample of Sun Crystals.  She recieved a complimentary pack in the mail.  I love the bright green packaging, but first I go to their website to check out the claims.
Sun Crystals is a sweetener that contains cane sugar and stevia.  According to their website, each packet is 5 calories, 1 gram of carbohydrate and 1 gram of sugar.
They also offer a "granulated blend" that can be substituted for sugar when baking.

Stevia is a plant commonly found in Central and South America.  It has very sweet leaves (200x sweeter than sugar) but has an unpleasant aftertaste.  Until recently the FDA considered stevia as a supplement, thus banning its addition to foods.  Then in December 2008 the FDA granted rebaudioside A, an extract of stevia, the GRAS status.  GRAS stands for Generally Regarded As Safe.  With this action the FDA "intended [reb A] to be added as a general purpose non-nutritive sweetener into various food categories at per serving levels." 

The FDA website is hard to navigate, but here's the documentation for the December 2008 stevia approval.

Sun Crystals.  I tried it.
Has a sharp, almost metalic, aftertaste.  Very strong.  Not so "sunny" after all.
I don't like it.
*Go to their website if you want to sign up for free samples.*


Joseph said...

request! mike and i have been regularly eating lots of salsa at a nearby mexican place. i always figured that salsa was better for you than other snacks, but, how healthy for you is it? i guess it'd depend on the brand, too, but i don't really know what brand it is.

Rachel said...

hi joe! salsa is definitely a healthier choice. after i finish my research paper this weekend I'll look into it!

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