Crispy Morning and Crunchy Apples

Nashoba Valley Winery
100 Wattaquadock Hill Road
Bolton Massachusetts 01740
(978) 779-5521

The crisp weather set the stage for a lovely visit to Nashoba Valley Winery.  The event was hosted by Massachusetts Dietetic Association's "Socials for Success."  We started with a tour of the winery, at which point I tasted an excellent white Baldwin apple wine.  I do not know much about wine, but I was excited to taste a wine made purely from apples.  Also of note was the semi-sweet cherry wine, the rich blueberry merlot, and the unique Perry pear wine.  Nashoba distilles a variety of spirits and beers (with many fruity flavors), and traditional wine as well.

Then to the apple trees!

Fresh and crunchy, baked, dried, saucy, sauteed?
Now I am looking for creative ways to eat all my apples!


Miss Raski said...

Um, yum!! Makes me want to go to Apple Hill :)
How was the apple wine?

Rachel said...

the Baldwin apple wine was very dry, and I loved it! they also had a cranberry apple, which was a little too sweet for my taste, but also good. : )

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