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Welcome to Coconut Crumbs!
Join me as I share my thoughts on all things food, nutrition, and health related.  This will be a place to remember nibbles, lessons, and musings from day to day.

In Coconut Crumbs you will find...
Book Basket: Passing along the scrumptious food, nutrition, or health-related books that I discover.
Crack the Coconut: Answers to your nutrition questions.
Currently Munching: Kitchen adventures and noteworthy food finds.
Dietetic Internship: Get a taste for the dietetic internship and hospital rotations at Tufts Medical Center.  (Huh?  What's a dietetic internship?  See the Bio tab.)
Nutrition: Tips and tricks for eating healthfully.
Spotlight: Health news or interesting observations that cross my trail.
The Indian Diaries: The best of Indian cuisine from Nikita Kapur, my roommate! 

Why Coconuts?
Coconuts symbolize my love for the sunny Hawaiian islands.  Though I grew up in California, my favorite childhood memories come from my grandpa's Manoa Valley home and his backyard jungle.  In particular, Coconut Crumbs is dedicated to my grandmother who worked as a dietitian in Honolulu.  Though I only knew her briefly, the stories of her nutrition work inspired me to pursue a career in nutrition.
*picture taken at Kahala beach, Honolulu, August 2006.*


Lea @ Healthy Coconut said...

Hi there, I just found your blog. I'm so glad to find another coconut lover :)

Like you, coconut is more than just food to me. It reminds me of all of my tropical vacations including Hawaii. When I smell coconut, it takes me to another place :)

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Disclaimer. I am not a Registered Dietitian yet. I provide nutrition information intended for the general public, not for the treatment of a specific medical condition. I try to use scientific research and reliable sources when forming my opinions and messages.
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