Stuff White People Like

This book does not focus on nutrition or health, but it does have plenty of comical food references!  At first Christian Lander's 150 observations about white people seemed outlandish and impertinent, until I found that I was often laughing at myself.  
Stuff White People Like: The Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions.
by Christian Lander
New York Times Bestseller, published 2008

My Top 5:
#45 Asian Fusion Food There is a long-standing belief that adding "Asian" to anything is an improvement.  The most popular things for white people to infuse with "Asian influence" are furniture, film, animation, interior design, personal style, children, and perhaps most important, food. [...]  These restaurants are the equivalent of a white guy with an Asian girlfriend and a Chinese or Japanese character tattoo that says "truth."
#46 The Sunday New York Times.  All white people are expected to read the Sunday Times.  You are given an exemption during your early college years, but by age 22 it is pretty much law.
#51 Living By the Water.  On the East Coast, many white people dream of owning oceanfront property in New England, where they can make their lives as close as possible to a J. Crew catalogue.
#64 Recycling.  Recycling is fantastic!  You can still buy all the stuff you like (bottled water, beer, organic ice tea, and cans of all varieties), and then when you're done you just put it in a different bin from your other garbage.  And boom! Environment saved!
#91 San Francisco.   [White people] like to live in San Francisco because of its abundance of nonprofit organizations, expensive sandwiches, and wine; its political outlook; and, most important, its diversity.  [...]  No matter how much you have offended someone from San Francisco, you can always make them feel better by asking how they feel about Southern California.  They will instantly talk of how it is filled with crime, pollution, hegemonic culture, and the wrong kind of white people: "I swear California is like two separate countries.  I am so thankful that I live in the cultural center of the West Coast."  This will allow them to reassert their superiority and leave the conversation with a positive feeling about themselves and about you.

Best of all, Lander's book ends with a "How White Are You?" test.  I scored 38, which means I'm basically 30% white.  : )

Check out Lander's website as well!


dit said...

hahaha. i remember my roommate showing me this book last year because she thought it described me. hilarious!...some of what he writes about is pretty spot on though.

Rachel said...

Yeah it was a fun read!

Marimoy said...

sounds really funny.

Rachel said...

hehe. Mimi, let me know if you read it, and how you like it!

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