Ostende-The Belgian Coast

The finicky rain and cloudy skies did not deter us from a quick trip to Belgium's North Sea coastline.  Our destination was Ostende, which according to trusty Frommer's tour book, used to be "the Queen of the Coast and prestigious 19th-century royal vacation spot."  We found the town a little sleepy, but seeping with charm nonetheless!
Belgian chocolate?  Yes please.
 First pasta in Europe.  Lovely.
(Below) Chocolate from Estonia.  Snack for the train ride.
The internship at the European Food Information Council continues to go well.  I'm still working on content for the Food4U campaign, a healthy food video competition for adolescents funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.  However the highlight of the week was a visit to the European Parliament for a brief lecture on food security in the European Union!


Andrew and Bianca said...

Your internships sounds amazing, good for you! I am pursuing an undergraduate degree for Dietetics and I know internships are hard to come by. I love your blog, keep being great!

Rachel said...

thanks Bianca! Yes, I'm enjoying the EUFIC internship. Best of luck with the dietetics degree, yay!

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures, Rachel! Looks like you are having an amazing time there. :)

Kasey said...

Your summer internship sounds amazing!!! I'm loving all the photos of your travels.

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