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There was some serious spice going down at our apartment last weekend, since my roomate Nikita was cooking up an evening of north Indian cuisine.  Sometimes life calls for a party, and we are thankful for everyone who came to get their spice on!   For a glimpse behind the scenes, I assure you that it all starts with Nikita's spice box.  Let's take a look.
Party Menu:
Samosas-Fried potato and pea pockets
Palak Paneer- [Spinach Cheese]- Also known as Saag Paneer
Chicken Masala Curry
Aloo Gobi [Potato Cauliflower]
Pulao [Rice]
Tofu Capsicum [Tofu Bell Pepper]
Roti [Indian bread, whole wheat flour]
Naan [Indian bread, refined white flour]
11am.  Kitchen in full action.  

The Indian Diaries
I love living with Nikita.  Nope, I don't mind walking into the kitchen, sneezing as puffs of chile powder envelope me.  And where else can I wake up to the scent of cardamum and cinnamon, a whiff of homemade chai?  Thank you Nikita.  A year ago I started documenting her recipes on this blog through The Indian Diaries.  If interested, several recipes including the Pulao and the Aloo Gobi are already posted.
Dreamy Creamy Mango Pie

This dessert was the talk of the party, and by popular request, the lovely Utchima has shared her recipe.  I can't believe I neglected to snap a picture, so use that imagination to conjur up sweet images of tropical pie.
Ingredients for 3 pies
3 pre-made graham pie crust
3 cups mango pulp
3 cup cool whip
1 package cream cheese
15 Tbsp sugar
3 bags gelatin (dissolved in 3 cups boiling water
1. In a blender, mix dissolved gelatin with mango pulp, cool whip, cream cheese, and sugar for 1 minutes, or until well combined.
2. Pour over crust.
3. Referigerate for 3 hours or until set.
4. Top with cool whip and refrigerate overnight.
The Spice Girls


Angela said...

Jealous!! I want some of Nikita's delicious cooking!! : )

Rachel said...

aw Angela, we miss you!

MelindaRD said...

Looks like a delicious meal. I love Indian. I will have to check with my mom. She didn't say anything about getting it, but that doesn't mean she didn't. I'll keep you posted.

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

That all looks absolutely incredible!!!

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