Happy Chinese New Year!

As I walked through Chinatown yesterday on my way to the Tufts library, I noticed an unusual bustle of activity.  Street vendors selling flowers had popped up on the corner of Beach Street and Harrison, and the sidewalks were crowded with women hunched over their bursting plastic red C-mart shopping bags, a predicitve sign of some delectable cuisine this weekend.
Of course, it's Chinese New Year!  I had momentarily forgotten.
Although I'm neither Chinese nor in the practice of celebrating Chinese New Year, I decided to welcome in the year of the tiger by picking up a sweet treat for myself and my roommate.  At the bakery, I asked the lady behind the counter what I should eat on New Years. In my ignorance I was hoping for an almond cookie or moon cake.  But she pointed to some seseme balls and smiled.  Ok sure!
Does anyone know the Chinese name for these?
It's been a while, and I had forgotten that I don't like these.
But that's ok!  I still enjoyed the red bean inside.
I hope everyone has a good new year!  Here in Boston I'm happy to report cheerful sunshine and mild temperatures in the mid 30's.  I don't have big plans, but I'm meeting a friend this afternoon, and can't wait to go to church tonight.
What are you doing today?  What are your traditional foods for Chinese New Year?
ps- Happy Valentine's Day too!  *smooch*


Lia Chen said...

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy V-Day too Rachael!
In here Sesame Balls is called Onde-Onde (Indonesia) and Ma Yuan 麻圆 in Chinese. The filling usually consisting of lotus paste, sweet black bean paste, red bean paste, or green bean paste.

Coffee and Vanilla said...

I bought similar buns from Japanese shop, they were filled with black bean paste, sweet one... tasted a little like custard. I think they quite similar to the ones you had.
Searching for them I found this article on Wikipedia:

Rachel said...

thanks for your help ladies! much appreciated. : )

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