National Cookie Day!

December 4th is National Cookie Day!
What perfect timing!  The holidays are here, and the Christmas cookie baking has begun.  But even as you grab for that crumbly treat, the voice of reason kicks in.  Hmm, cookies are not the healthiest way to celebrate the season.

picture from McCormick recipe website
No worries.  I just read this blog article, Have A Cookie, But Choose Wisely.  The author, Kristen Seymour, offers some tips for munching in moderation.  She shares 3 easy recipe modifications to make your favorite cookie a little bit healthier!
  1. Cut the Cholesterol.  Add some egg whites instead of using all whole eggs. 
  2. Switch out the fat.  Substitute applesauce for oil, butter or margarine.  (Yes!-this works great for muffins.  Now I should try it in cookies.)
  3. Fiber it up!  For a little extra bulk, use half wheat flour and half white flour.  PS-Nobody will notice the difference! 
So have a happy cookie day!  I'm going to celebrate with a gingersnap, preferably one that's nice and chewy.  Yum...what's your favorite?


Emily said...

I didn't know it was Nat'l Cookie Day! Good thing I made cookies on Friday night. :-) I like your substitution suggestions and often use # 2 and 3. Whole wheat pastry flour is also good..noone can tell!

Rachel said...

Thanks Emily! yup, I'm excited to try the whole wheat flour/pastry flour swap.

Lia Chen said...

Your cookies look great! I'm a monster cookies ... cookies eater not cookies maker hehehe :D

Rachel said...

Oh no, I should change that picture! I didn't actually make those cookies, just got that picture off the web. I am a cookie monster too though, but not particularly skilled at baking them.

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