Veg Out for Breakfast!

One of the blessings of the blogosphere is mingling with new friends and colleagues.  These past few months it has been my pleasure to meet Carlene Helble, a dietetics student at James Madison University and fellow blogger.  I am excited to feature her as my first guest on Coconut Crumbs.  Check out what she has to say about Veggies for Breakfast
Veg Out for Breakfast!
Written by Carlene Helble, Elite Nutrition Intern 
“Here’s your wake-up call: breakfast eaters tend to be leaner and more successful at maintaining a healthy weight than people who miss their morning meal.”  This quote from Ellie Krieger’s website says it all!  Breakfast is extremely important, but even those who are on track with breakfast sometimes get stuck in a menu rut: cereal, perhaps a banana?  How often do you throw some nutrient dense veggies into your morning meal?
National Public Radio recently published a fantastic article on the lack of American vegetable intake at breakfast, comparing it against some delicious options across the globe that did contain vegetables. Here are some easy ways to make changes, and even ‘go global’ in the morning:
Omelets can be good.  But for a more filling meal with less calories plus a serving or two of veggies, try some scrambled eggs with chopped spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Think of the egg as a ‘topping’ and let the vegetables shine. The great thing about this idea is the vegetables are interchangeable. Feel like some asparagus? No problem! A vegetable scramble can be easily personalized.
Another great way to get more vegetables at breakfast is with smoothies; perfect for an on-the-go meal. One smoothie that seems to be a favorite is the ‘green monster’, which consists of kale or spinach, blended with fruit, milk, and sometimes chia seeds. (Check out this website dedicated to green monster smoothies!)
One suggestion NPR gave was for a traditional Argentine dish: a breakfast tart with summer squash, red peppers, and a basil crust. This is definitely on my ‘to make’ list, especially with summer produce on the way!
Carlene is a senior dietetics student at James Madison University, and the president of the student dietetics association.  This summer she is interning with an inpatient RD and a private practice RD, while also continuing to write about nutrition and health.  This next spring she will be applying for dietetic internships!
Check out more of her writing (and obsession with food) at the following sites:

Thank you Carlene!
What do you think about veggies in the morning? 
I'm inspired to try this greenmonster breakfast smoothie!


MelindaRD said...

Great post. Thanks for guest blogging. I love to see what current interns have to say and what their interests are. I almost always forget veggies at breakfast and load up at dinner because I do not spend much time actually cooking in the morning. I work form home so I jump right into my work. I do love a good veggie omelet. I may need to pick up some fresh veggies and make a nice fluffy omelet.

Emily said...

Sometimes I choose veggies in the morning, but usually I use them to top oats. :-) If I eat an omelet, it's often at dinner time.

Thanks for the guest post!

Kasey said...

Great guest post! I rarely eat veggies with my breakfast and then feature them at lunch and dinner. I usually do omelets (loaded with veggies) as a dinner option.

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