For My Japanese Sweet Tooth: Azuki Cream.

After moving to Cambridge in August, I began to inquire about Japanese restaurants in the area.  My investigation led to vague responses about Porter Square, an inside mall, a small Japanese grocery, and other recollections of forgotten street names.

Today a friend took me to this mysterious location.
Porter Exchange Mall, a retail space inside Leslie University, has a hidden alcove of Japanese shops!  It is a small space.  Although the Japanese grocery is gone, there are half a dozen ramen shops, sushi bars, or casual eateries.  We had sushi at Bluefin, which was traditional and friendly.  After lunch my feet led me to Japonaise Bakery and planted me in front of the display case.  I tried to convince myself that I was not interested, but then I saw a delectable treat called "Azuki Cream."   When I see azuki, I can't help myself.  Azuki is the Japanese name referring to a small bean found in East Asia.  They are usually red in color, and are commonly sweetened for use in various desserts.  I love it!   
Azuki Cream


Lindsey Toth said...

This looks soooooooo yummy!!!! We need to go on a food-around-the-world date so I can try all your fave Japanese foods!

Rachel said...

Yes, I would love to eat Japanese together! also- Japonaise Bakery's main store is in Brookline!

Emily said...

So fun to read another intern's blog! How do you like the Nutrition Communication program at Tufts?

Lesley Sykes said...

Thanks so much for sharing. As a Porter dweller myself I have been very interested in visiting some these Japanese shops. Want to join? =)

Rachel said...

Lesley- yes! anytime you want to go, just give me a ring!

Joseph said...

hi rach, i think he mentions it in multiple places, most memorably to me in "weight of glory" (i think? it's been a while), and also in the chapter of "Miracles" i just read. i'll get you a more specific reference when i find it =)

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